Guidelines for the Establishment of a New Chapter

The OFPN bylaws state:


38 1. Formation
(a) Chapters may be formed upon formal application with the approval of the Executive Committee of the OFPN.
(b) The minimum number required to establish or maintain the Chapter shall be 10 members.
(c) Chapters shall have objectives and bylaws compatible with those of the affiliate group.

2. Dissolution
The Executive Committee may, if it considers it in the best interests of the Chapter to do so, dissolve any Chapter if:
  (a) such a Chapter ceases at any time to have the minimum number of members of the group therein; or
  (b) the majority of the Chapter members of such a Chapter has indicated in writing to the Executive Committee their desire to dissolve the Chapter

3. Area and Name
  (a) Chapters shall correspond to RNAO regional areas.
  (b) the name of such Chapter shall indicate the area they represent.

4. Funding
  (a) A fixed per capita refund of membership fees determined annually by the Executive Committee shall be returned to the Chapter.
  (b) Upon dissolution of the Chapter, remaining funds shall be returned to the Treasurer of the Ontario group.
(c) There is start-up funding available from the Provincial organization



Getting Started:
1. invite a core group of 5 or 6 people to your home or at your workplace to plan your first meeting. You may want to appoint a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer for an interim executive.
2. establish the location of the first meeting and the goals of the evening: e.g. to socialize and establish interest, to collect membership fees, and/or to have a speaker on an interesting topic common to Family Practice Nursing. Send out notices of this meeting to all Family Physicians offices, Family Health Teams, Community Health Centres in your area or contact them by telephone. In order to keep costs at a minimum, the meeting might be located at a conference room of a hospital, community health center, family practice center, or a large waiting room that would hold about 30 people. (Usually arrangements can be made for free use of these areas) Often speakers don’t charge but as the group becomes established you may wish to offer an honorarium or a donation to the charity of their choice. Sometimes funds are available through drug reps in your area.
3. Approach your employers and ask for support in starting your group, either through a cash donation or use of office supplies to send out your first notices.
4. It may well be that your potential Chapter members are not interested in regular meetings, but would rather organize a local workshop with local speakers. Assistance (both financial and advice) are available.

Application for Chapter Status
Application to the OFPN Executive Committee for Chapter status may be made in writing by emailing the OFPN executive at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject heading "Chapter Application".

Name of Chapter
The name should reflect the area the Chapter represents.


The group may establish its own executive structure and terms of office. Suggested positions are president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, newsletter, programme, membership, social convener. The OFPN financial/membership year runs November 1 to October 31, and it is a good idea to align with these dates for local terms of office.


Any nurse with an interest in family practice/office nursing/primary care may join the group. OFPN is an associate interest group of the RNAO, and we encourage our members to belong to, and pay their fees through that organization, although it is not required. Membership forms are available from the Executive Committee and may be reproduced for the chapter’s use. OFPN membership fees collected are divided between the Chapter, the Provincial OFPN and the Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association.


The group uses the logo of the OFPN on all of the group’s forms and correspondence. The logo depicts caring hands cradling the family in the world.


OFPN publishes a newsletter at least twice a year in which the Chapter may publish their activities. The Chapter may wish to produce its own newsletters announcing plans. We are in the process of setting up an OFPN website which also may be used.

Dissolution of the Chapter

The Chapter may dissolve if the OFPN Executive Committee deems that the requirements of the bylaws are not being met or the Chapter group requests in writing that the group be dissolved. All remaining funds of the Chapter shall be forwarded to the Provincial Treasurer of OFPN.